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We have everything you need to race, but don't think we are only about racing!

We have all the parts for your rock-crawling, sand slinging, mud blasting play toys!  animated gifs

PARTS: We carry a large supply of parts and accessories for buggies, monster trucks, street cars and others, both nitro and electric.  We stock many of the most popular brands such as Associated Electronics, Team Losi, HPI, Calandra, RPM, Traxxas, Trinity, CT Racing, Team Cobra, Lunford, Dynamite and others.  We pride ourselves in being able to offer a selection of items that will appeal to the newest basher and the most hardcore racer .  We have batteries, radios, chargers, dischargers and the knowledge to help you choose the right item for you.  Have a problem and don't know what part you need?  Bring in your vehicle and let us help!

Check with us before ordering from the discount shops on the web.  When you factor in shipping, we are usually the same price.

KITS: We carry a good supply of vehicle kits and Ready to Run (RTR), or Ready to Race vehicles.  Let us help you pick the right kit for your application.  Never built a kit before but want to give it a try?  If you get stuck on a step, bring in any kits purchased from us and we will be happy to help you out, will the mail order companies do that?  We also have clear and pre-painted bodies, paints and accessories for when your kit starts looking shabby.

USED VEHICLES: Wanting to save some money on your next vehicle?  We have an ever changing supply of used vehicles.  Please contact us and we will be happy to tell you what we have in stock, or come on in and see them for yourself.  Willing to wait for a great deal?  Let us know what your looking for and I will be happy to contact you when one come in.  Lost the dirt fever but now you are aching to try on-road?  Bring in your old vehicle and let us see if we can't help you into a new one.
SERVICE: Lack the knowledge, time or desire to fix your car yourself?  We will be happy to take care of it for you.  We have the tools and knowledge to get your vehicle in top shape!

Yes, we have a tire lathe!

SPECIAL ORDERS: We will be happy to place your special order if we do not have an item in stock.  While not required, please have part numbers when possible.  If you are not sure, bring your manual in with you so we can be sure to get the right part the first time.

CUSTOM PAINTING: We would be happy to paint your body for you.  There is a small fee for the service which varies by body and amount of detail and number of colors you request.

But don't think we are JUST RC.  We carry a selection of other hobby items and have access to several large distributors and can get you what you need for your train, plane, boat or plastic model addiction.