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Dirt Oval Racing Has Started!

Here are some preliminary rules.  As the track settles and we try different setups these rules are subject to change.

1. All classes can run a foam or rubber tire of some kind (Sprint is foam only). Each class will have a rule on what tires can be run.

A. Beginners: Any Foam Tire, or rubber tire that does not damage the track.
B. Stock Truck: Rubber Tires that are safe to the track or a Spec Foam Truck tire that will be available at the track for under $40 (Less then price of new set of rubber). The foam tire will be
one compound only.
C. 19 Turn Latemodels: Take Off 22 or 27 Premounts or Double Pink JACO Sedan Foam Tires Only.
D. Sprint Mod: Open Foam Tire
E. 19t Sprint: BSR Double Pink Fronts and Rears- Spec Tire
F. RC18t classes: Rubber Tires that are safe to track or Foam Tires
G. Buggy EDM: Rubber or Foam Tires. I put a set of Custom Works Foams on my EDM today. Looks Killer!

2. No Tire Dope allowed (Buggy Grip, TQ products, paragon...ect). Gojo Hand Cleaner without pumus will be the foam tire traction compound for the track. It works with no added tire wear, smell or cause any harm for the track surface.

3. Rubber tires- Simple Green to clean them or water. With the dirt being the same as the offroad slick tires will end up working well with no dope.

4. No Boots (footwear) on the oval track. With the thought of keeping the track smooth a shoe with a hard heal may lead to some surface damage.