The carpet track is covered with a purpose built racing carpet.  It is designed not only for maximum traction and low wear, but also will not generate static like standard carpets.  It measures a large 45' by 115'.  The track layout changes so the barriers may not currently be laid out as shown below.

Here is a hint, paint the nose of your car white.  That way when you smack one and take some paint with you it won't be as noticeable :)

The track has a fully automatic, computerized timing system.  You will be able to see your exact lap time and gauge your progress. Every race has a live announcer so racing, or watching, you will know how all the drivers are doing.

If you have never been to a carpet race, come check it out.  It is ALWAYS FREE to watch.  These cars go in excess of 30 mph!

Race Schedules

Note: No Paragon Tire Additive Allowed on Carpet Track