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The mysterious BQ Helmet made it's rounds throughout the day.  Tyler Keel won the Mod Truck B Main while wearing the device.  Some say it gives the wearer special powers.  Others just think it makes them look "special".


Taylor won the Beginner's B Main.

Rodney Sr won the Beginners A Main

Mark Roseberry was TQ in the Beginner's Class.

Curt Radi was TQ in the Master's Stock Truck Class.

Mark Simon took 1st in Master's Stock Buggy

Tim Marshall made the drive from Kansas City to take TQ and 1st in the 4wd Mod Class.

Tony Leatherman was TQ in the 2wd Mod Buggy Class and took 2nd place.  He also took 1st in Mod Truck.
An Honorable Mention goes to Jim Beltz (the guy handing out the plaques) for Most Cartwheels in a Race. His superior acrobatic driving skills in the 4wd Mod class earned him this recognition.  

Check out the Racing Action photos for pictures of the vehicles on race day.