Alan Spreier

This shiny 1/12th scale Calandra Carpet Knife runs 4 cells and a 19turn motor.  He kept the setup pretty basic and uses a Novak Cyclone speed controller, JR servo and Airtronics radio.

Austin Phillips

Austin races his Team Losi XXX-S in the Beginners Class.

Barry Stockinger

The RC10T4 Factory Team Edition to the left runs in the Stock Truck class.  In addition to the Factory Team parts it has RPM wheels, an RPM gear cover, RPM bumper (added after pic), P2K2 motor, Airtronics steering servo and LRP 7.1 electronic speed controller.  It is controlled by an Airtronics MX-3 radio.  The paint job is inspired by the Ford XB Interceptor driven by Max in the Mad Max movie.

The Team Losi XXX-4 is powered by an EA Motorsports 19turn motor that is backed by an LRP 7.1 ESC.  An Airtronics 357 servo steers the buggy.  The buggy has numerous upgrades such as the heavy duty belt, bearing steering and a sedan front and rear bumper.  Being a proud AE driver, Barry named his Losi buggy "Traitor".

Bev Beltz

This XXX-S is driven in the Novice class.  It has a Chrysler 300M body, rubber Take Off 22s, an LRP v6 ESC and Futaba 9404 steering servo.  Bev hails from South Hutchinson who controls the vehicle with her Airtronics MX-3 radio.

Bill Hall

Bill is a local from here in Hutchinson.  He races his Losi XXXT in the Beginner's Class.  The truck is powered by a Trinity PSKPro and controlled by a JR Racing radio.

Bob Seay

Bob drove all the way from Tulsa to run in the Stock Foam class.  The car is a four and a half year old Associated RC10TC3 that is still running strong.  The car is proudly Fukuyama powered.

Boyd Lee Lemons Jr

Boyd makes the trip from Wichita to race his Mugen Seiki MST 1A in the Gas Truck class.  He uses an Airtronics radio to control the OS CV powered truck.  The patriotic paint scheme was done by Boyd himself and is seen on all his vehicles.

Not wanting to be limited to one class, Boyd also enjoys racing his Mugen Seiki Prospec in the 1/8 Gas Buggy and also has an electric buggy for the 1/10 Buggy class.

Boyd finished in 28th place of all 1/8th buggies in the 2003 Repro Series.

Boyd would like to thank his sponsors; Mugen Seiki, Hardcore Racing and HP Hobbies.

Brad Stewart

Brad hails from Hutchinson, Kansas and drives the Associated RC10T4 shown here.  He wants to thank his sponsors Pier 5, Team Hack Batteries, Phat Grafix, Stewart Racing, Team Yellow and Hi Performance Hobbies.

Brady Phillips

Seven year old Brady races his XXX-S Graphite in the Beginner's Class.

Brandon Miller

Brandon lives right here in Hutchinson.  He races his Team Losi XXX T in the Beginner's Class.  It gets its motion from the P2K2 motor.

Brian Marteney

 Brian makes his way from Pratt to race his Associated RC10T4 in the Novice Class.  He has taken 1st in the Novice B Main and is going to be challenging the Stock drivers in no time.

Brian Szopinski

Brian comes from Fort Riley to race in the Stock Truck Class.  The truck is a Team Losi XXX-T Matt Francis and is controlled by a JR XS3 Pro radio.  The receiver is JR, the motor is a Trinity P2K and the speed controller is an LRP.  A HiTec servo turns the front wheels .  Brian painted the truck himself.

Brian has recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, make sure you thank him when you see him at the track.

Brandon Hunt

 Brandon is fifteen years old and races in the Beginner's Class.  His Associated car is controlled by a Hitec radio and Futaba speed controller and is powered by a Reedy motor.

Bryan Wiley

Bryan drives up from Wichita to race in the Stock Truck and Stock 1/12th classes.  This sharp looking car is a 1/12th scale Team Associated RC12L3. Bryan uses an Airtronics radio and Tekin speed controller.