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All regular races cost $15 each to enter.
All racers must be ROAR members.  Single event memberships are available.

Upcoming Races


Dirt Track

Doors open at 12am.

Electric Races start at 5pm.

1/10 Kids Class
1/10 Novice
1/10 Stock Buggy
1/10 Stock Truck
1/10 Modified Buggy
1/10 Modified Truck
1/10 4wd Modified Buggy

* Need 3 people in a class to run *
* NO motor limit in Mod Classes *

Drivers can run 2wd trucks or 2wd buggies.
Vehicles must meet Stock specifications.
See a video of the Beginner's Class

How come you don't have a class for......?

Classes are determined by 2 simple things, damage and demand.  If there is a class that will not damage the track or facility, and there is a demand for it, we will be glad to consider it for the schedule.  If you want a new class and can find some other people willing to run in it, let us know about it.